Maps & Charts

Boating Card

This general map of the lakes is a  handy safety item to keep in your boat for directional use on the lake (but NOT for navigation purposes).  It is plasticized for durability.   The Boating Card is free and can be picked up at any Association Event or the AGM. 

Photo of Boating Card

Navigation Map

If you are  in need of a navigation quality map, you can order a map of Bobs and Crow lakes from Trakmaps for approximately $25 + HST.   The maps are waterproof and tear-proof, and are 28 inches by 36 inches.

To order click below.

Map with Water Buoy locations

If you want to know where the GBCLA safety buoys are located on Bobs and Crow lakes, click here to go to our interactive map.

Flooded Septic Field

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