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Director of Fisheries and Wildlife - Greater Bobs and Crow Lake Association (GBCLA)

Bobs and Crow lakes have one of the most diverse and sustainable fish populations of all lakes in Eastern Ontario.  The GBCLA has an important mandate to protect the fish and wildlife populations for future cottager generations.   

As the Director, you will develop our Fisheries and Wildlife Plan and oversee the program operation.   The most significant achievement of recent programs was the restoration of walleye spawning beds in McEwan Creek, Eagle Creek and End Creek in 2016, that were in accordance with spawning bed practices recommended by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.  Over $10,000 and many volunteer hours were invested in this major undertaking.   The next step in this program is to evaluate the measurable results of the walleye bed restorations.   The Director is also charged with being the liason with environmental groups and other Lake Associations on beneficial programs that can be adopted to Bobs and Crow lakes. 

As a Director, you will bring several traits to this position.  You have a interest in fish and wildlife but do not have any technical or deep experience in the topic.   Enthusiasm and a desire to protect this valuable natural resource is the most important "qualification". 

 This position is not a full part-time job.   During the Board's active period from late May to early October the workload hours are estimated to be 2-3 hrs hrs/wk. 

So if you fish, hunt, bird-watch or just enjoy admiring the natural beauty of Bobs and Crow lakes, then this position might be an excellent fit for your occasional spare time.   So click on the link below so we can have a quick chat over coffee.

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