Maps & Charts

Maps & Charts

There are several simple tools boaters use to help find there way safely around Bobs and Crow Lakes.

Bobs Lake in particular with all of its bays, islands and offshoots, can get boaters lost in a hurry. 

And rock shoals in late summer and early fall when water levels are down, area real hazard. 



This general map of the lakes is a handy safety item to keep in your boat, especially for newcomers and guests who do not know Bobs and Crow lakes very well.   

This map shows the main channels, bays and other areas of the lakes.   

It is intended to give boaters some directional guidance on the lake, but it is NOT intended to be used for navigation purposes. 

It is plasticized and waterproof, and can be folded for easy storage in the boat or to be carried with you.   

The Boating Card is usually handed out for free at GBCLA events or at the AGM. Some cottage camps and rental accommodations may sell the maps for a discounted price.

Go to Cottager Resources/GBCLA Store to order one.



If you are  in need of a navigation quality map, you can order a map of Bobs and Crow lakes from Trakmaps for approximately $25 + HST.   

The maps are waterproof and tear-proof, and are 28 inches by 36 inches.

Many residents of the lake use this map as their reference map of the lakes.

To order click here.