Testing Program

Testing Program

Volunteers from the Greater Bobs and Crow Lake Association have provided assistance in water quality and clarity testing for decades.   Continuous and accurate test data is essential in supporting the comprehensive monitoring and reporting on the environmental health of Bobs and Crow lakes.  Without objective water quality data, government and agency programs would not be possible.

Lake Partner Program

Many dedicated volunteers and residents of the lakes participate in the Lake Partner Program, which is Ontario's  volunteer-based water quality monitoring program. 

Since 2002, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change has coordinated this lake monitoring program from the Dorset Environmental Science Centre(DESC), in partnership with the Federation of Cottage Associations (FOCA), of which the Greater Bobs and Crow Lakes Association is a long-standing member. 


Lake Partner Program is run out of the Dorset Environmental Science Centre

GBCLA volunteers collect water samples in early spring and send the test vials to the DESC who analyse the water samples from lakes all over the province. 

From May to October, the volunteers also perform monthly water clarity observations at 11 locations on Bobs and Crow lakes.  The data is posted on the DESC website.

This valuable data is broadly used by partner environmental agencies and consultants to assess and report on water quality across Ontario.

Click below for a link to the data reports.  Key in the lake name in the search line.

Data Reports

Volunteer performing a Secchi Disc water clarity test

Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

GBCLA volunteers assist the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority in conducting water testing at 9 locations for key water quality indicators including calcium, nitrogen, phosphorous, E coli and Secchi disk readings for water clarity.   

This test data is extensively used in the preparation of the Tay River Subwatershed reports and the Catchment reports for Bobs and Crow lakes. 

To view the detailed test data and an explanation of the water quality indicators, click the button to download the latest Catchment Report.

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