July 2009

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is scheduled for Sunday, July 26 at the Bedford Hall, 1381 Westport Road. A light lunch will be served at Noon with the meeting starting at 1:00 PM. The Bedford Historical Society will have an outdoor display, weather permitting and we expect to have displays that are pertinent to lakefront property owners.

Fractional ownership

Stoneridge Cove, the fractional ownership development on half of the former Morter’s property on Burns Lane North (Central Narrows section of Bobs Lake) has received a permit for and is building one dwelling. In total, they will be allowed to construct five dwellings to sell as fractional properties, a sixth unit as a single family dwelling and a seventh as a gazebo or storage unit.


All pleasure craft operators will require a Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card by September 15th 2009. We are hosting one course this year on July 16.

The Association produced an 8½ x 11” laminated, foldable boating card with a map of the lakes and marine rules and regulations. Two copies of the card were mailed with our Spring newsletter and we have distributed an additional 1,000 cards to Commercial Camps and Road Associations. If you would like to obtain a copy of the card please eMail, phone or talk to any of the Directors.


The “Best of Bobs” cookbook has been reprinted and is available for sale at various camps around the lake and stores in Westport. Look for it upon your return to the lakes this summer. It makes a great gift!

Marker Buoys

The Association has investigated new hazard marker buoys which will replace the current ones. Hopefully, some of the new buoys will start to appear on the lakes this year.

Sign Boards

We plan to have new and improved GB&CLA sign boards for next year. Work is being done over the summer so if you have any thoughts or ideas for us, let us know!


Results of Netting

Netting done last summer in conjunction with the MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) has revealed some interesting facts.

  1. No immature walleye were netted. Only fully grown adults were found, which indicates a decline in the walleye population.
  2. For the first time on Bobs Lake, Whitefish were netted. These fish prey on the other sport fish, so plan to target this species when you are out fishing on Bobs Lake this summer.
  3. The bass population appears to be healthy.

Association volunteers will be improving walleye spawning areas this fall which we hope will improve that fishery.

By working closely and in conjunction with the MNR we received fish for stocking this year. 5,500 Lake Trout were put into Green Bay and 50,000 walleye fingerlings were put into several areas of Bobs Lake.


The Ministry of Natural Resources formed a Fisheries Management Advisory Council that is made up of area representatives. The role of the Council is to provide advice on a fish management strategy for Zone 18. The Advisory Council is studying possible regulations and impacts on all the lakes in the Zone 18 area, including Bobs & Crow Lakes.