Hunting & Fishing

Nothing beats a nice day of fishing

Fishing and hunting are two of the most popular outdoor activities for residents and guests of Bobs and Crow lakes.   In particular, both lakes have a well-earned reputation as excellent fishing lakes.  But to protect the sustainability of the lakes to offer good fishing for years to come, it is essential for everyone to be aware of and to follow the rules and regulations.   


To fish or to hunt in Ontario, most people need a valid license.  This includes:

  • an Outdoors Card (valid for 3 calendar years);
  • a fishing and/or hunting license tags (valid for 1 or 3 calendar years)

The applicable tag is generally printed directly onto the Outdoors card or E-licence.   You must carry on your person both the Outdoors Card and the appropriate license tag whenever you fish or hunt.   



Outdoors Card:

Hunting card

Fishing card

Outdoors cards come in fishing and hunting versions.   

The Fishing and Hunting versions of the Outdoors card for Ontario, Canadian or non-Canadian residents can be purchased online, at participating ServiceOntario Centres and approved License Issuers.   For Canadian and non-residents, the card can also be purchased at approved License Issuers.


A Fishing tag is good for 1 year or 3 years and expires December 31 of the year printed on the license tag.   A small game hunting tag is good for 1 year or 3 years and expires December 31 of the year printed on the license tag.   A Big game hunting tag is an annual tag and is specific to the game you wish to hunt.  All tags expire December 31.

Online (E-Licence) License: 

Online E-licence

If you buy your Outdoors Card and license tag online, you need to print the license documents.   All 8-day fishing licenses purchased online must be printed immediately or saved for future printing.  You will not receive anything by mail.

Click here to buy a licence online:

 Buy Online

Fishing and Hunting Regulations:

For all regulations for recreational fishing in Ontario (Bobs Lake is in Zone 18), including information about open seasons, catch limits and fishing zones, go to:   

Fishing Regulations

For all regulations for hunting go to:

Hunting Regulations

Fishing or Hunting without a License:

Provincial Conservation Officers have the powers of inspection, arrest, search and seizure, and enforce all fisheries and hunting regulations.   

Conservation Officers

The fines are significant if you are caught without a valid licence.  However, the fines can be substantially higher (up to $25,000 from some estimates) depending on the circumstances when you are caught.    For example, additional fines could be levied for exceeding catch limits, improper bait, fishing out of season, and exceeding size limits.   The cost of a licence is relatively low compared to the cost of equipment these days.   Plus 100% of licensing revenues are invested back into supporting Fishing and Hunting activities in Ontario.   So please take the time to buy a licence before you hunt or fish.

*These tips are for general information only.  Please refer to the above websites for a full disclosure of all legal requirements.