The Bobs & Crow Lakes Foundation

The foundation is a different organization than the GBCLA.  

The Foundation is a registered charity in both Canada and the United States. Its purpose is to raise monies and donations to fund projects that preserve and enhance the environment of Bobs and Crow lakes.

The “Bobs and Crow Lakes Foundation” and the “Greater Bobs and Crow Lakes Association” (GBCLA) are two separate organizations that work closely together. The relationship is similar to that of non-profit organizations such as hospitals and universities that have an Operations arm (Association) that runs its programs and an Endowment arm (Foundation) that raises money and funds new initiatives.

Any donation to the Foundation or participation in any Foundation fund-raising event DOES NOT result in becoming a member of the Association.


Join or become a member of the Association (GBCLA) through our online form you can find here.

Many of the key initiatives of the GBCLA have received valuable funding from the Foundation. The Bobs and Crow Lakes Foundation fulfills a critical role in an era of reduced funding from most Provincial and Federal government departments that have historically supported lake associations.


The signature annual fund raising event of the Foundation is the Frontenac Frolic that started in 2011.   

The highlight of the Frolic is the "World Famous" Cow Flop Bingo"

This event is usually held at Glendower (Bedford) Hall on Westport Road in each summer.

Due to the charitable status of the Foundation, any donations (above a minimum of $50) are issued a tax deduction slip for both Canadian and US tax returns.   Donations made directly to the Association do not receive a tax deduction. 

For more information on the Bobs and Crow Lake Foundation, please click here.


Cow Flop Bingo is the headline event at the Frontenac Frolic (photo courtesy of Frontenac News)