Beautiful Sunset on Big Bob

Island in Green Bay (Osprey nest in tree)

Island rising out of the Mist

Red Sunset

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What's Going On

Dam nearing completion: Nov. 2019

November 1, 2019 – The second and final phase of the Bobs Lake Dam project began in July 2019 and is nearing completion.

Over the past four months the contractor worked to complete the remaining one-third of the dam – the north wall connecting the two sluiceways to the shoreline. The newly completed dam was activated on October 18, 2019 prior to the demolition of the old dam.

With this work done the contractor has moved to restoration of the river bed, shoreline and the surrounding project staging area. The restoration included the establishment of an access road and parking space to allow access to the dam for operational and water management work. The majority of the work has been completed and the contractor has moved off site but will return in the spring to complete the final landscaping requirements with project completion expected for spring 2020.


We are so fortunate
There are so many workers who we all owe an infinite amount of gratitude for keeping us fed, healthy and safe during the Covid 19 Pandemic.   These frontline workers include hospital doctors and nurses, EMS staff, long term care employees, grocery store cashiers, energy workers, transit operators, and many many more.  And seriously even LCBO workers!
These individuals get up and go to work every day, despite the risk to themselves and despite the risk to their own families.
Thank you Covid 19 Heroes.