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What's Going On

Removal of Coffer dam

Parks Canada:  Over the last 6 mths, the contractor has excavated and grouted bedrock to form the foundation of the new dam site.   This was followed by the construction of 2 sluices, and dam sections from the south shore extending toward the north shore of the lake.   In order to complete this work, the contractor installed 2 cofferdams, as well as a diversion channel - an operable inlet with log settings much like the existing dam.  The operation of the channel was regularly monitored throughout the construction, as water management is of the utmost priority for Parks Canada. 

Near the end of Phase 1 and following precipitation in December, Parks Canada identified a capacity issue with the diversion channel.  Water levels through late December and January rose almost 20 inches.  The required water capacity of the site was restored by the removal of the upper and lower cofferdams, and the area south of the dam was re-flooded.   The old dam will manage water flows until the new dam has been completed, commissioned and the old dam is removed.    The contractor will now take a break and return to finish the construction in spring 2019.   Cofferdams for the 2nd Phase are now in place allowing for an earlier return to site than originally planned.  The final phase of dam construction will include the completion of the north wall of the new dam, demolition of the old dam, the remaining remediation work and stream bed rehabilitation to promote fish habitat.