Beautiful Sunset on Big Bob

Island in Green Bay (Osprey nest in tree)

Island rising out of the Mist

Red Sunset

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Ontario Bill 229

December 4, 2020 – Schedule 6 of the Ontario Budget Bill 229, proposes fundamental changes to the Conservation Authorities Act.  These changes will weaken their role in land use planning.   Bill 229 will erode the ability of the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority to protect the water quality, wildlife habitat and the watershed ecosystem of Bobs and Crow lakes by decades.  

The bill has created a broad swath of vocal opposition including all 3 Townships and the Federation of Cottagers Association (FOCA).  The Bill has passed second reading and is moving quickly through the committee process.

We ask that you consider contacting your local MPP to register your concerns, and ask that Schedule 6 be removed from Bill 229.   A public consultation process is warranted, not hiding such a dramatic change inside of a Budget bill with no opportunity for debate.

See the link below for a listing of current MPP's and their contact details.  For more information on Bill 229 and its impacts, please follow the link below.

Current MPP's and contact info:

Conservation Ontario:

Internet Service Survey
The GBCLA is conducting a survey on how lake residents connect to the internet from their property.  The survey will support efforts to engage local carriers, new internet service firms, and local Township efforts to encourage increased infrastructure investment.
The survey was emailed to all members of the GBCLA on Dec 7.   If you did not receive it, contact  If you wish to participate, follow the links above to join the GBCLA.
A Catholic Mother's Thoughts: The Family Dinner
During the holiday season, please follow local public health guidelines regarding social gatherings.
Wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing hands are all critical steps.   But avoiding potential spreader events in the first place is the best path forward.    Highly effective vaccines are being rolled out now!   Finally, thank you to all of the tireless Covid 19 Heroes who keep us healthy and safe!