The Greater Bobs and Crow Lakes Association is pleased to offer its members access to some really useful and practical "products" to make life at the lake a little more enjoyable.   Have a look below and let us know if you are interested in anything. 

GBCLA Guidebook

Practical info for cottagers new to Bobs and Crow lakes.

The Greater Bobs and Crow Lakes Association (GBCLA) has a handy Guide aimed at new cottage owners, renters and guests to Bobs and Crow lakes.    All 1st time cottagers can relate to struggling to learn about how to maintain or use a property, especially on a new lake.  

The Guide is a handy summary of useful information in “sound bite” size for easy reading.   There is a Where to Get Things section which includes groceries/pharmacies, building centers, LCBO/Beer outlets, restaurants and marine gas.  Other topics include finding the correct agency for well water testing, the Conservation Authority, Public Health Unit (septic systems) and property assessments (MPAC).   Getting rid of your garbage is a requirement from day 1 and the Guide lists all sites for the 3 Townships, hours of operation and directions.

Free Emergency Phone Card, Boating Map and Floating Key Chain

The Guide's Tips section covers:   Water Quality, Lake Water Levels, Health hazards, Fire Safety, Cottage Security, Boating Safety, Rentals, Wells/Septic systems, and Hunting/Fishing regulations.  The Guide package also includes our brightly colored Emergency Phone Number card and a folded plasticized map of the lakes for your boat.  We even give you a floating key chain to avoid “fishing of keys”!

The cost of the Guide is $25 for non-members but is FREE for members new to the lakes.   If you want a copy, please contact:  or Guides can be picked up at GBCLA events.

GBCLA Emergency Phone list

Click to enlarge.

This Phone list is a handy thing to have on your fridge door or inside a kitchen cupboard door.

When an emergency occurs, you do not want to spend precious moments looking for the right phone number.

The GBCLA prints a highly visible Phone Card that can be picked up at all Association events or at the AGM.

Click here to download the Phone List.

GBCLA Boating Card(Map of Lake)

Foldable and plasticized map. Click to enlarge.

This plasticized boating card can be a life-saver while boating on the lakes and not sure where you are going.

The map of Bobs and Crow lakes gives you a general sense of where you are heading.  The map folds up and is plasticized and waterproof so you can store it easily in the boat.

The map is not intended for navigation purposes and should not be used as such.   For a navigation map, click here to order from a 3rd party map supplier:  

Click here to Order

The Boating Cards can be picked up at all Association events or at the AGM.

GBCLA Floating Key Chain

Keep your keys on this complimentary floating key chain

Have you ever spent too much time looking for your keys in the water when you are supposed to be having fun at the lake?

This is just after you wished you had them attached to a floating key chain.

The GBCLA provides members with a complimentary floating key chain.  They are available in 4 very bright colours and can be  picked up at all GBCLA events or the AGM.

The Damned Lakes ($25) and Living by the Chase($12.50):   books by Lloyd Jones (Now in stock)

No coffee table at the cottage is complete without these 2 books.

The Damned Lakes is a fascinating environmental history of Bobs and Crow Lakes.   Living by the Chase is a history of  the Indigenous peoples on Bobs and Crow Lakes.   Both of these reference books for residents of the lakes were written by the late Lloyd Jones.

The Damned Lakes  gives a folksy accounting of the geological changes over time of wildlife and plant life, a history of the early cottagers to the lakes and human activity such as trapping, farming, logging and the mica mines in the early 1900’s.   Remnants of these mines can still be seen today.    Lloyd’s book also captures the deep history of many of the families who have settled the lakes and still remain there today.

Living by the Chase delves into the history of 9 known groups of Indigenous peoples who settled around Bobs and Crow lakes.   The most recent being the Algonquins and Nipissing who settled around 1842.

Both of these books are now in stock and a must read for anyone who truly wishes to understand the complete environmental and cultural history of Bobs and Crow lakes.

Until recently, Lloyd was also a Director of the Greater Bobs and Crow Lakes Association, and has been an avid supporter of the goals of the GBCLA.  The Damned Lakes costs $25 and Living by the Chase is $12.50, and both are sold at cost by the Association.

Click here to request a copy of either book:  Send Request   

GBCLA Cookbook

Timeless and classic recipes from long term residents of Bobs and Crow lakes

Some say the best recipes are those that have been honed to perfection after decades serving them to friends and family on the lake.   This cookbook is a collection of the best recipes by long time residents of Bobs and Crow lake.

The recipes are simple to prepare and make good use of local ingredients from farms in the region.

Cookbooks are $15 each and sold at our cost.

Click here to request a copy of the cookbook: Send Request  

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