Water Quality

Water Quality

How is Water Quality Measured?

Water quality ratings for Bobs and Crow lakes are comprised of several water quality parameters. When blended together, they are translated into 4 quality categories:

  • Very Poor
  • Poor
  • Fair
  • Good
  • Very Good

These ratings are geared towards the protection of aquatic life and are not suitable for assessing water quality for recreational activities at the cottage.


The water quality parameters used to calculate the rating are:

  • Phosphorus (nutrients)
  • Kjeldahl nitrogen (nutrients)
  • Dissolved oxygen/temperature conditions(fish habitat)
  • pH(degree of acidity/alkalinity)
  • Secchi depth(water clarity).

There are 12 monitoring sites for Bobs and Crow lakes.


What about E. Coli?

As part of the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority water monitoring program, E. Coli counts are regularly taken and analyzed on Bobs and Crow lakes. 

The most recent bacterial counts are very low at most sampling locations and do not provide any indication of material risk for recreational use.

Residents who relies on lake water for drinking water, should consult with provincial Health units under "Useful Links" on the appropriate testing regime for their personal consumption.


E.Coli bacteria