Urgent Request: Re-Boating Safety Buoy Volunteers Are Needed

The marking of dangerous boating hazards is done on a volunteer basis. This year, our VOLUNTEER FOR THE MAIN WEST BASIN , is stepping down after 12 years. We need people to step forward and assist us. We do not expect one person to do this task on their own. It can be divided up and some can put them in and others take them out in the fall. If there is something normally marked in front of your property and you wish to assist the Association, please contact us.

Buoys and other general markers may be a little late being put in this year and caution is advised when boating in these areas. Please notify your visitors, friends, relatives and renters to use caution.

The areas affected are the Main West Basin (Big Bobs), Entrance to Buck Bay, all Islands in the Main West Basin, Crow Bay & areas around Pineshores, the East Mainland/Badour Island, Manatee Island, Oakshores and Maple Grove.

Heather Irving
Marine & Cottage Safety

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