April 6, 2008

Important Supplement to April 1 entry :
Last week I sent to you information on the review of the Official Plan in South Frontenac Township and two substantive changes that have been introduced by council members. The council will consider these proposals and other OP issues at its “committee of the whole” meeting this Tuesday evening, April 8th. My understanding of the procedure is that the final vote will be taken at a subsequent, formal council meeting. However, it will be essential for residents’ and property owners’ views to be expressed before this Tuesday. I encourage you to email our councillors and township officials to express your views. If you are a township resident or property owner and are opposed to the proposed changes, you may also sign an on-line petition that has been established by the Dog Lake Association. That petition states,

“We support the recommendations of the Planning Department 1) not to permit ‘backlot’ or private lane development and 2) not to ‘restart the clock’ on severances. Any action to the contrary will have serious detrimental effect on the health of lakes, groundwater, drainage, and traffic, as we have seen in countless other jurisdictions. Further, these changes are substantive and do not constitute a review of the Official Plan as intended, but rather amount to a new plan altogether. Meaningful public consultation is required for major changes like these.”

You may access and sign the petition at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/
. I urge you to contact our officials, either directly or through this petition, before noon on Tuesday. If you cannot do so by then, you may also express your views after that time but before the final vote.

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