Electronic Waste

If you are like most households, you probably have a few shelves full of non-functioning or obsolete electronic devices, like computers, televisions, printers, telephones, cameras, cell phones, MP3 players, stereo equipment, or other unwanted electronic waste. You don’t want to throw them out, because they contain valuable metals, as well as some hazardous products that contaminate landfills. But where can you take them to be safely recycled?

The Youth Action Kommittee of Perth & District (YAK) is excited to be partnering with Garbage Gofer and SHIFT Recycling on the establishment of an electronic waste depot in Perth. YAK will accept small amounts (car loads or less) of electronic waste at their Youth Centre at 1 Sherbrooke Street East, in the old Perth Shoe factory just across from the Shandex manufacturing facility (formerly Perth Soap).  Call if you have questions or have a larger amount of E-waste.

Examples of what they accept:

  • Televisions
  • Desktop computers
  • Portable computers
  • Hard Drives, modems, computer peripherals including cords and connectors
  • Printers, copiers, scanners
  • Telephones and telephone answering devices
  • Cellular devices, phones and pagers
  • Home theatre in a box
  • Satellite receivers
  • Aftermarket vehicle audio and video devices
  • Video and sound equipment
  • Cameras and E-readers
  • Video game consoles

Dates and Times:  Monday-Friday, 2-7 PM, 1 Sherbrooke Street East, Perth, Ontario (Old Perth Shoe Factory just off North Street)

Telephone:  613-264-8381.  Call for additional dates and times or further information on e-waste recycling

Website:  www.yakyouth.ca

YAK is a charitable organization working to provide opportunities, support, resources, information, training and encouragement to youth in Perth and the surrounding rural area.  It is committed to promoting and facilitating youth attachment to society and community, increasing developmental opportunities for youth and promoting their well being, ameliorating risk-factors and providing protective conditions for youth “at risk” and promoting public awareness of youth issues.

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