What Impacts Lake Levels

What impacts Bobs Lake Water Levels:

There are several factors that contribute to the amount of water in Bobs Lake.   

  • Bolingbroke Dam:  The biggest factor is the number of logs taken out of the dam by Parks Canada as part of their overall water management program.  The logs while not providing as much fine tuning of the water outflow rate as a more sophisticated dam, can furnish  enough control through frequent adding and removal of logs by Parks Canada staff.  This is expecially critical during periods of high risk flooding and drought conditions.

  • Precipitation:   Not only is the amount of precipitation a big factor, but also the rate at which rain for example comes down.   During the summer, severe thunderstorms can release large amounts of rain over a short period of time.   The faster the rain comes down, the quicker the impact on the lake water level from the runoff.    

  • Sunlight and Temperature:   On  hot sunny day, the amount of water loss from evaporation can be close to 20 mm or almost 1 inch.

  • Shoreline:  Especially the first 15 meters or 50 feet.   A healthy shoreline will absorb more water than a surface terrain that has little vegetation such as a lawn or hard surface such as paving stones.