How to Interpret Lake Level Readings

Water level readings for Bobs Lake are taken at the Bolingbroke dam at the north end of Bobs Lake.  Currently there are mechanical water gauges at the dam, which will be replaced with electronic gauges when the construction of the new dam is complete sometime in the summer of 2020. 

Water Level definition:

The water levels shown on the Parks Canada InfoNet site are defined as the height of the water surface above the "mean sea level".   Mean Sea Level (MSL) is an average level of the surface of one or more of the Earth's oceans from which heights such as water level elevation may be measured.   These water level readings are not the water depth at any location on Bobs Lake.    Mean sea level is a standard reference point used extensively in cartography and marine navigation.

What are the four water level readings?

There are four water level readings in the Infonet site of Parks Canada:

  • Current
  • Average
  • Min
  • Max

Current is the water height reading as of the Last Updated Date at the Bolingbroke Dam.  The Average, Min and Max readings are calculated readings based on a minimum of 10 years of the most recent historical data recorded at the dam.   This historical data is to provide some perspective on how much water levels can vary from one year to the next.   In this time of more frequent weather extremes, the water level on any given day can be significantly higher or lower than it has been in past years.   Although the water level management plan for Parks Canada strives to keep water levels as consistent as possible during the vacation period, the actual Current water level could lie anywhere in between the Min and Max level.