OPP article for Lake Association

A Message from Inspector Gerry Salisbury

As summer draws closer and our first long weekend of the year approaches, it’s once again time for lake side residents to enjoy activities such as boating, fishing, and yes some partying with friends. Safety and respect for others must be paramount. As the Commander of the OPP in Lanark County and Central and North Frontenac, we are committed to have full time marine patrols focusing on enforcement and proactive measures. I would ask that all persons enjoy the water in a manner that is safe and fair for everyone. I offer the following tips for everyone to follow :

  • don’t drink alcohol and operate a vessel, they don’t mix and part of the penalty includes suspension from operating not just your boat, but your car
  • know the water you are swimming in. Don’t dive in shallow water and always have a swim buddy
  • respect other peoples property. If you plan to party, pick up your garbage, don’t start unsafe fires, and keep the noise down. Nobody wants to hear you partying all night !!
  • keep the speeds of your vessel responsible, and respect the shoreline
  • have your marine operators licence with you and all required safety equipment
  • be a good neighbour and watch out for each other
  • if you see an activity that is dangerous, report it, don’t take the attitude that its someone else’s responsibility, it may cost a life !!

It is our goal that everyone has a healthy and enjoyable summer. One marine fatality is one too many !!!

Gerry Salisbury
Lanark County OPP
GT Salisbury, Inspector
Lanark County Detachments